What’s ominous is that this dreary world comes after years of meticulous planning

From the SF Chronicle – another installment in my nascent series of little peeks into the deep, swirling mind of the Press.

“What’s ominous is that this dreary world comes after years of meticulous planning.”

Fortunately, there is a bright side. “The benefit of the city’s careful planning is that the neighborhood will improve with age.”

And a solution. “It needs landmarks — not in the sense of skyscrapers or monuments, but creative flourishes you won’t find anywhere else.” Such as “a lattice-like metal structure lifted cloud-like and airy above the circle, landscaped with vines and high-canopied trees to create a bird habitat that doesn’t block drivers’ sightlines.” Perhaps someone’s been reading Larry Niven’s Smoke Ring. Or smoking – never mind. But could we get Julia Butterfly Hill to sit in the trees? How high are those canopies, anyway?

“Even if the aviary never takes roost, it shows flair that Mission Bay so far lacks.” Indeed. After all, “you only get one chance to build a neighborhood from scratch.” And why should the Russians have all the fun? Comrade Brezhnev, call your office. I believe the Chronicle’s hiring. Oh, wait – it’s not.

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